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Para verificar que una empresa tenga  Certificación activa de empresarios amables a consumidores Hispanos

por Vocero Hispano. 


Verify a business has an active

VHN Hispanic Friendly Business Certification

Why Does VHN offer this certification?

To support and acknowledge businesses that are committed to serving the Hispanic community well for the benefit of the certified business and the Hispanic community.

What is the purpose of this certification?

To help Hispanic consumers identify business that are friendly to their language and culture.  To promote businesses that make a significant effort to seek out and service the needs of Hispanic consumers directly. 

How can it help my business?

  • Identify your business as Hispanic Friendly

  • Attract more Hispanic consumers

  • License use of certification logo on your advertisements

  • License use of certification logo on your website

  • Paper certificate to display at your business location/s

  • Access to signage, and other promotional supplies

  • Discounts to advertising services within VHN Media Group

Qualification Standards

Companies interested in certification are asked to complete a short survey that will focus on the following key topics:

  • Targeting efforts to reach Hispanic consumers directly

  • Language support resources

  • Diversity in employee recruitment

  • Company culture as it relates to diversity and inclusion

  • Level of commitment to serving the Hispanic community

Not quite there yet? We can help!

We can help your company become more Hispanic Friendly. In most cases with a basic evaluation we will have enough information to present several ideas and suggestions that will help get your business certified as a "Hispanic Friendly Business."  Note: This is a free service with no fees, upgrade options or any charges whatsoever, made available through VoceroCares (SM) Initiatives.


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