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The Brand Name

in Hispanic Marketing(SM)

Some Key Facts

  • Often referred to as VHN, Vocero, or El Vocero, the official name being  "Vocero Hispano Newspaper."

  • It is a Hispanic Language Newspaper.

  • Printed Weekly on every Friday.

  • Distributed Physically at over 450+ locations in MA. 

  • Circulated by Mail Subscription. 

  • Full Interactive Digital Version available to E subscribers 

From the Publishers Desk

"During these difficult times I have relied upon my faith and the vision for the furure of this company, remaining steadfast in the good fight, not only to survive but to advance." PDS -

Pablo D. Santiago, President/CEO 

Vocero Hispano Newspaper, Inc.

Listen to this statement 

01-19-2021 - PDS - About us Intro for VH

"Vocero Hispano Newspaper has served the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Since 1990.  It has been an objective voice and platform for the Hispanic community. It has helped countless organizations including national companies, small businesses and non-profits reach a unique and growing market while expanding the oppotunities and resources available to the Hispanic community.  My focus as the President / CEO is to continue and expand upon the tradition of service and stabilty our readership and customers have relied upon for decades.  The furture of this orgnaization stands in continuos advancement and innovation within media spectrum, further strengthening our physical precense through our printed media, and exploring new and innovative ways to continue our service as a bridge to the Hispanic community while strengthening our position as the leading statewide Hispanic Newspaper in Massachusetts.  I appreciate your visit to our website and Thank you for your interest in Vocero Hispano Newspaper."

Our Purpose

To serve as a gateway of communication between the mainstream and the Hispanic community.  To promote diversity, cultural exchange, and access to opportunities.  To continuously expand our reach into and strengthen our connection with the Hispanic community. To actively solidifying our standing as the leading Statewide Hispanic Newspaper in Massachusetts.  

Our Vision and Values

Our vision and Values are expressed through our core initiatives which

collaboratively direct our company mission as a whole.

Tropical Leaf

The Hispanic Culture

To protect and promote the values and culture of the Hispanic population in Massachusetts, who collectively represent persons from over 21 different Hispanic countries.

Our Content

To publish content that is objective, informative, and helpful to our readership.

Promoting Inclusivity

To promote inclusivity, participation, and collaboration between the Mainstream and the Hispanic community.

Excelence in Service

To maintain a high standard of customer service while offering our advertisers multimedia marketing solutions that are comprehensive, effective, and cost efficient.

Caring About the Communities we Service

To continuously reaffirm our commitment to those who need and rely upon our service that we may always recognize that they represent the greater purpose of our organization.

Our Business

To operate the company in a manner that is highly efficient promoting profitability and expansion opportunities. 

To maintain and expand our print media presence while advancing into new and innovative media platforms. 

To maintain our steadfast pursuit of continuous improvement in all aspects of our business.

Awards / Reconocimientos

Community / Comunidad

An Award Winning Newspaper. 


Official Resolution in Recognition of Commendable Reporting to the Latin American Community

by City of Boston in City Council.


Minority Small Business Champion

by Small Business Administration.

Latino Business of the Year Award

by Worcester Latino Professionals Network.


Recognition for Outstanding Contribution and Service to the Community

by The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, William Francis Galvin, Secretary of State.

National Leadership Award

by Business Advisory Council Congressional Committee.

Ranked #5 Top Weekly Publications (2 time)

by Worcester Business Journal.

Appreciation for Support in Servicing the Visually Impaired and Disabled

by Audio Journal of Worcester County.

Award for Service and Dedication in the Media

by WCUW Radio Station in Worcester. 

Recognition Award in Appreciation for our Support

Urban Business Expo Worcester Common Outlets.

Appreciation for Implementing and Valuing Diversity

by National Conference for Community and Justice.

Appreciation for Support the Golf  Tournament of WMHF

by Western Massachusetts Hispanic Foundation.


Appreciation for Support of the Roberto Clemente Baseball League

by Roberto Clemente League.


Appreciation for the Valuable Contribution to the Census

by United States Census.

Recognition for previous and continued support of H.A.C.E.

by Hispanics Achieving and Celebrating Excellence.

Media Award

by Massachusetts Council of Human Service Providers.

Team work

VoceroCares SM

In 2017 VoceroCares was established to consolidate our community based efforts and objectives and continue our tradition of helping the communities we serve through diversified company initiatives.


Transcending Limitations

In association with Audio Journal, the Vocero Hispano Newspaper is read weekly over the Radio to members of the public who are Visually impaired.  


Promoting Hispanic Voting

A yearly advertising and promotional campaign sponsored by Vocero Hispano to promote voting participation within the Hispanic Community.  


Media Sponsorships

We offer Media sponsorship opportunities to Massachusetts based non-profit organizations who reach out to the Hispanic community and make a positive contribution to the communities we serve as a whole.


Caring for our Planet

The VHN Green initiative made significant steps forward in establishing policies that are consitent with our respect for the planet.  Some of those steps included programs of recycling, distribution efficiency, responsible use of equiptment and supplies, paperless communications and record keeping. Vocero Hispano is also printed on 100% Recycled paper. 


Helping Small Businesses

As a small business we understand the challeges other small business can face every day.  To help, we offer small businesses discounted rates, special promotions along with free services such as professional consultations, creative design and content translation.  

To Inquire on how your organization could help with any of these initiatives please contact:  info@vocerohispano.com



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